1. Purchase training manuals in store. Should you pay EFT, ensure you collect the manuals.
  2. Complete the open book test inside the training manual, at home, on your own time – there is no expiry or deadline.
  3. Once the open book test has been completed, bring the books back to the training centre to be marked.
  4. Should you pass the open book test, you can do the closed book test immediately after handing in your manual or book for a later stage to be helped.
  5. Bookings can take place from Monday – Sunday, except Tuesdays due to club shoot. Bookings during the week must be made no later than 09:00 and during weekends you must be at the training class 08:00.
  6. On completing your training in the training centre, you will receive you statement of results and training certificate on the same day unless there is a problem with the internet, then you will be informed when you can get your certificate.

Please ensure on the day of your closed book & practical test, you bring a certified copy of your ID in order to receive your certificate.

Costs involved are as follows:

Training Manuals only

Legal -R400
Handgun – R450
Shotgun – R450
SLR – R450
MOR – R450
Combination – R 2000 (all 4 categories)

Practical Test:

+- R600 – this includes firearm hire, range hire and ammo (cost of ammo may vary

Contact Info
  • Address:1032 Silvergrass St, Montana AH, Pretoria, 0186
  • Phone:+27 10 300 1222

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