Remington Core-L 270Win 140gr (20)

Remington HyperSonic Bonded ammunition is loaded with a proprietary propellant blend that produces a muzzle velocity up to 200 fps faster than analogous cartridges. If you’re looking for an added edge, you’ve just found it.

This round’s 140 grain projectile screams out of the muzzle at a velocity of 2,975 fps. The sleek, slender and stable bullet’s 0.360 G1 ballistic coefficient reflects its ability to reach 200 yards with very close to 1,900 ft lbs of energy – more than enough to ruin any elk’s day – and then drop to just -7.3” once it reaches 300 yards.
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All ammunition requires a valid license for specific calibre. Collection in-store only. Registers to be completed on collection.

Remington Core-L 270Win 140gr (20)

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