Sako Gamehead Pro 270Win 140gr (20)

Sako’s Gamehead Pro Ammunition come equipped with Sierra’s GameChanger bullets, which deliver rapid expansion for maximum lethality on medium sized game. The bullet’s jacket thickness has been optimized as well to ensure excellent expansion even at longer ranges. During the manufacturing process, every cartridge is individually inspected, with only the highest quality of powder and primers used. In addition Sako Gamehead Pro cartridges feature premium cases made from material free from impurities, and are given a proprietary heat treatment to maximize reloadability and preserve the lifespan and safety of any rifle.

Features of Sako’s Gamehead Pro Ammunition

  • Sierra GameChanger Bullet delivers rapid expansion
  • Premium heat-treated cases for maximum reloadability
  • Made with superior powder and primers for high reliability and performance
  • Ballistics coefficient: 0.487
  • FPS: 2920


  • Bullet Type:Polymer Tipped Sierra GameChanger
  • Cartridge:.270 Win
  • Bullet Weight:140gr
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Important Product Notice
All ammunition requires a valid license for specific calibre. Collection in-store only. Registers to be completed on collection.

Sako Gamehead Pro 270Win 140gr (20)

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