Sako 7MM Rem Hammerhead 170gr (10)

The Sako Hammerhead 7mm REM MAG 170Gr 10 Rounds is a centrefire ammunition that is perfect for all-round hunting. The 7mm Rem Mag is a time-proven cartridge that is popular worldwide. Remington’s version of this cartridge is exceptional for big game hunting, thanks to its flat shooting and exceptional stopping power, even at the furthest ranges. The high ballistics coefficient of this cartridge provides outstanding accuracy and precision, making it perfect for hunters who demand pinpoint accuracy. The Sako Hammerhead series features a bonded core and thick jacket that prevent core separation and offer high weight retention on impact. The thick jacket allows for optimal mushrooming and deep, effective penetration, making it perfect for big game hunting.
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All ammunition requires a valid license for specific calibre. Collection in-store only. Registers to be completed on collection.

Sako 7MM Rem Hammerhead 170gr (10)

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