CCI 22WMR Maxi Mag Hollow Point 40gr (50)

Ammo 22 WM CCI Maxi Mag HP 50’s These loads’ jacketed hollow-point bullet design transfers tremendous energy to the target on impact, and clean-burning propellants and CCI® priming ensure the most consistent ballistics. * Clean-burning propellants * CCI priming * High velocities * Maximum energy transfer on impact SPECS Caliber: 22 WMR Bullet Weight: 40 Bullet Style: Jacketed Hollow Point Muzzle Velocity: 1875 Ballistic Coefficient: .114 Package Quantity: 50 Usage: Varmint
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All ammunition requires a valid license for specific calibre. Collection in-store only. Registers to be completed on collection.

CCI 22WMR Maxi Mag Hollow Point 40gr (50)

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