Handgun 9mm Glock 19 Gen 5 M13.5×1 Para


Handgun 9mm Glock 19X Gen 5 M13.5×1 Para

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GLOCK 19 X PISTOL WITH M13.5X1 THREAD For the first time in history, Glock offers a color finish. The Glock 19-X combines a compact closure and a standard frame. Top adds a new “Marksman” barrel . The Glock 19X has the same features and elements of the 5th generation Glock pistols. In addition, it has a modified shape of the storage shaft . The frame does not have a recess for the fingers (just like the Gen 5) but there is no hole in the front for the extended magazine shoe . The shaft is not widened at the bottom as with the standard Gen 5. Instead, the frame is stretched down for shooting in tactical gloves. Due to the absence of a hole and stretching in the front of the gun , Gen 5 magazines cannot be used . 

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