Scope ATN X-Sight -4K, 5-20X Pro Edition Day/Night


Scope ATN X-Sight -4K, 5-20X Pro Edition Day/Night

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  • Works both day and night
  • Full Color 1080p 30fps video and audio capture during day mode, black and white or NV green during night mode
  • 5x optical magnification for clear crisp resolution, excellent for game over 150 yards
  • Digital magnification up to 20x will bring targets at 500+ yards right up to the shooter
  • Multiple profiles, up to 6 unique profiles can be created and saved
  • Ballistics Calculator allows for automated hold over and windage adjustments when custom profiles are created
  • Basic rangefinder allows for accurate estimation of target distance
  • Wi-fi allows tethering to a smart phone or tablet. Using the ATN Obsidian application allows for live video streaming, album photo and video uploading and simplified sight configuration.
  • Bluetooth extends the scopes features enabling the X-Trac remote to control the X-Sight II HD from a more ergonomic location, it also enhances scope features with smooth zoom scroll wheel and automatic minimum to maximum and back 1 click zoom
  • Laser Ballistics 1000 or 1500 range finders connect via Bluetooth for instant distance reading right on the scopes screen. When utilized with the ballistics calculator the X-Sight II HD will automatically adjust your cross hairs for holdover
  • 85mm objective lens
  • 2.5″ eye relief
  • 850nm IR illuminator with fully adjustable mount. ATN advertises 150 yard identification range
  • Sight weight 2.55lbs
  • Mount – Picatinny, optional 3rd party QD mounts for rapid switching between firearms are available 
  • Operates on 4 AA batteries (lithium recommended), Nite Reign hunters report an average run time of about 6 hours with multiple features active. This can be extended by enabling sleep mode
  • External USB battery can extend run times to 10+ hours 

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