Delta Stryker 1-10×28 MRAD Rifle Scope

As the latest edition to their Stryker series, the new 1-10×23 is Delta’s answer to the modern day LPVO. Whether for competitive shooting, tactical applications, or hunting, the Stryker HD 1-10×28 stands as a testament to Delta’s decades of expertise in crafting high-performance optics. FEATURES
  • True Multirange. Even beyond 600m.
  • Highest quality ED Glass
  • Counter-clockwise (CCW)
  • Exposed lockable turrets
  • Wide field of view (38.9m/100m on 1x)
  • Low weight
  • Parallax adjustment still precise at long range
  • Delta Stryker HD 1-10×28 FFP 0.1 MRAD SDOG-1 Rifle Scope
  • Throw lever
  • Warranty book
  • Battery
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Delta Stryker 1-10×28 MRAD Rifle Scope

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