Forster 338 Win Mag Die Set – Bench Rest


Forster 338 Win Mag Die Set – Bench Rest

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Bench Rest Seater & Full Length Sizing Die Set. The Full Length Size Die is used when loading for actions other than Bolt Action Rifles with each reloading cycle. Of course some reloading prefer to full length size every reloading cycle even when shooting the brass in a bolt action rifle. If you are neck sizing for Bolt Action Riles, eventually after several firings the resulting brass flow will require the case to be full-length sized. Allows case to be re-chambered in any SAAMI rifle chamber with minimal play. Forster Full Length Size Die takes care of the case neck, shoulder, and body while removing the spent primer. The die body has a vent hole to prevent excessive air or lubricant from being trapped and subsequently dimpling the case. The Bench Rest Seater Die was the first of its kind on the market. This is due to the bullet, cartridge case, and seating system are a fitting chamber for the seating operation. This helps with minimizing bullet run-out in the seating process. This set of dies is packaged with red plastic case. This is the only set of dies Forster offers, all other dies are sold as individual dies and package in a cardboard box. 

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