RAM Gun Oil 100ml

Cleans dirt and grime from exposed metal surfaces. Displaces non-visible moisture from metal pores. Contains Teflon to provide a tough, thin, long-lasting lubricating film. A good quality gun oil is essential to properly aid you to apply to keep your gun lubed. A good gun cleaning kit is also mandatory (or should be) for owning a firearm. Ram gun oil is designed to give you a good gun lube. In order to protect your weapon from rust and friction damage you will need a good gun oil. Ram makes its products to be hard wearing and reliable. Used by policemen and security officers all over South Africa it falls into the range of affordable but reliable gun lube. The Gun lube stays put without covering your weapon in oil but isn’t so sticky that its not useful as it doesn’t cover all the necessary slides and groves.
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RAM Gun Oil 100ml

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