Canik Mete SFX FDE (F) 18-20

The METE models are quite similar apart from some competitive-shooting-based enhancements on the SFx. The foundation of the pistols is a flat-dark-earth, polymer frame and a black stainless steel slide and barrel. Both come with an 18-round magazine and an extended 20-round magazine, along with a host of other accessories in a hard case that matches the frame’s color. Both pistols also feature slides cut for Shield RMS-pattern optics covered by a removable, yet seamlessly integrated, plate. Also, both METEs feature sights that co-witness with such optics. Where the SFx differs is in its barrel length (just a hair shorter than 5.25 inches versus 4.46 inches on the SFT) and the fact that it has eight lightening cuts in its longer slide. Otherwise, the pistols are quite similar, and therefore, apart from the shooting results and MSRP, most of what you are about to read applies to both of the METE models.
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Canik Mete SFX FDE (F) 18-20

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