Earshield Ranger RE-23 Electronic Pro Earmuff NRR23

EarShield’s Ranger Electronic Pro Earmuffs really do, do it all (except pull the trigger). These electronic earmuffs offer protection against harmful noise coupled with an ultra-fast attack time for uninterrupted hearing of ambient noise – like range commands. Let’s talk fit. Slim low profile cups also feature a cutout for an improved cheek weld without sacrificing effectiveness. The adjustable headband ensures a proper fit and the soft band makes for a comfortable wear. The ear cups are composed of an ultra-comfortable gel and ensure a tight seal – even with glasses. Need to replace the cups? The snap in design makes it a breeze. Let’s talk protection. These earmuffs boast a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 23dB. Plus the sound compression technology coupled with the omnidirectional microphones ensure maximum environmental sounds at a safe volume level. Boost ambient sound up to 5X. Additionally, the 0.5 millisecond attack time is ultra-fast and offers uninterrupted hearing – it eliminates sound clipping of ambient noise after a gunfire so you don’t miss important range commands. Let’s talk function. The compact, folding earmuffs are easy to store at home or in your range bag. Powered by 2AAA batteries (not included), the 4 hour auto shut off feature prolongs battery life. The on/off switch controls volume and an LED light indicates unit is powered on.   An auxiliary input jack and included cord for connecting to phone/devices.
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Earshield Ranger RE-23 Electronic Pro Earmuff NRR23

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