BOG Gear Death Grip Tripod Black 72″

The BOG™ DeathGrip™ Shooting Tripod utilizes a head clamp that holds any weapon securely, to free your hands for glassing or calling. A lever adjusts the head for up to 25° of cant—forwards and back, and the head pans 360° with tension adjustment. The head clamp uses non-marring rubber jaw inserts to protect firearm. The shooting tripod features 3-position, leg-angle locks that allow shooting from standing, kneeling, or prone positions. Retractable steel feet secure legs for shooting in uneven terrain, while an integral bubble level ensures level positioning. Aluminum  legs.
  • Head clamp holds weapon hands-free
  • Head adjust for up to 25° of cant
  • Tension adjustment pans head 360°
  • Non-marring rubber jaw inserts
  • 3-position, leg-angle locks
  • Retractable steel feet
  • Integral bubble level
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BOG Gear Death Grip Tripod Black 72″

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